DAVID - The Shepherd Warrior

DAVID - The Shepherd Warrior

"David - The Shepherd Warrior" is a captivating film that takes us on a remarkable journey with David, a young shepherd in ancient Israel. From the very beginning, we witness David's dreams and aspirations despite the mockery he faces from his brothers in Bethlehem. Supported by his mother's unwavering faith, he believes that God is always by his side.

As David tends to his flock, he encounters a mysterious stranger who claims to have been his shepherd for a very, very long time. This encounter fuels his ambitions even further, pushing him to strive for greatness. Meanwhile, David grapples with the mistreatment from his brothers and struggles with forgiveness. It is through the guidance of this stranger, whom David calls Raiti, that he learns the power of forgiveness and the importance of letting go of anger and bitterness.

Raiti teaches David through the challenges he faces, inspiring him to train his mind, hone his skills, and finds solace in singing to the Lord in worship.

As the preparations for the Passover commence, David's faith is strengthened. He is entrusted with choosing a lamb for sacrifice, but succumbs to fear and runs away when a lion attacks and kills the lamb. Facing the humiliation of his father’s rebuke, drives him to seek Raiti’s help. By harnessing his emotions, and trusting in the Lord, he overcomes the inner obstacles in himself, and rises to the occasion to defend his flock the next time around. He can thus return triumphantly to his family and show off this trophy and gain recognition in the eyes of his whole family.

During the Passover celebration, his beloved mother becomes sick, and David runs to Raiti for help. Believing that his mother will die, David is desperate to find the help from the Lord the Passover tradition talks about, as the blood on the doorposts should protect his home from the plagues. As David struggles to reconcile the natural reality with the spiritual, Raiti guides him to understand and believe the power of God to heal, and David embraces his words and returns to his house. Encouraged in the Lord, David picks up his harp, a mighty weapon given to him by Raiti, and in the middle of trying circumstances, he is able to put his trust in the Lord and the blood of the Passover lamb.

As the family travels north to find water for their flocks, David’s brothers are called to the battlefield, and David takes leadership in his family. Alongside his friends Peniel and Zeke, they stumble upon an abandoned campsite filled with treasures. Tempted to keep these for themselves, their integrity prevails, and they prioritize doing what is right by leaving the items.

As Peniel and Zeke is being taken captured by thieves, David once again runs away, but finds strength in the Lord, and determines to take up the battle in faith. As he clothes himself with the armor of God, he now dares to face his adversaries and stand strong on the Word God has spoken over him.

The film concludes with a sense of anticipation as David stands on the precipice of his destiny. Ready to embrace his calling as a shepherd warrior, he is filled with hope, determination, and a deep sense of purpose. Peniel is captivated by how David chased away the thieves, and David is able to lead his friend Peniel to also see the Lord with the eyes of her heart.

"David - The Shepherd Warrior" is a heartfelt tale of faith and friendship with the Lord, and the importance of taking on the armor of God in the battles all of us face.

DAVID - The Shepherd Warrior
  • DAVID - The Shepherd Warrior

    "David - The Shepherd Warrior" is a captivating film for the whole family, about the story of the young King David as a shepherd boy in ancient Israel.

    Despite facing mockery, David's dreams and faith remain strong.

    He encounters God in the form of a mysterious stranger he calls Raiti, and is...